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Wellness, though limited by your genetics, is decided by hundreds of choices you make every day. When you choose to eat nutritious foods most of the time, when you choose to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, and when you choose to seek out relaxation and leisure time you increase your wellness. Emotional and spiritual wellness is also part of the equation.

Good friends, close relationships and their enveloping comfort and support are important to your health. Wellness is not a project you can manage alone. Exercise buddies and eating with others who enjoy good nutrition (and good taste, they are not mutually exclusive) will help you make wellness a life time pursuit, rather than a short term experiment. Wellness is an actively sought goal that pays off substantial benefits. Learn more about the many aspects of wellness by taking our tests and reading our well researched tips. We will keep them coming for you…

Healthy Food Quiz
OK, let's begin this discussion of food with a truism, "Eating is highly recommended." We can all agree that food is absolutely essential and blissfully enjoyable. You spoon-in mom's chicken soup when you are stricken by a nasty cold.

Physical Fitness Nut
Are you getting enough exercise? What are the benefits of cranking up your physical activity? More important, how do you get motivated to workout?

Are You Calorie Conscious?
Are you as slim, fit and gorgeous as you would like to be? Learning more about your metabolism and how it affects your slimness quotient may help you to make those pounds melt away.

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Wellness Tests

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