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Are you creative? Do you remain true to who you really are, no matter how much you are pushed to conform? Are you a thinker rather than a feeler? What does it mean if at parties you sit in a corner and read Homer (i.e., the Odyssey) -- and smile? Do you think you are going crazy? Could you be right? Check out our quizzes and learn the answers --- if you dare.

Competitiveness Quiz
Do you take competition seriously? Does your pulse race and your heart pound when you are in the throes of a win or lose game?

Sensuality Quiz
Are you captivated by the breeze from the subway, the luscious whipped cream on your latte and the velvety texture of your favorite sweater?

Do You Have a Canine Personality?
It would be virtually impossible to live up to the character of, Boatswain, a beloved Newfoundland, as described by Lord Byron over two centuries ago.

Resilience Quiz
The quiz about resilience or coping. Self-confidence makes one more comfortable that he or she can handle a situation. If we feel confident we can handle something, stress is minimal and we cope quite well. It is only when we doubt our ability to make good decisions that we stress --consequently, we don't cope well.

Anger Quiz
Jack hammers are loud and they scare away the nice folks who populate your unique world. How angry are you?

Procrastination Quiz
Most of us procrastinate at times; usually to avoid a mundane task we really don't want not do, therefore we hastily make up excuses to do something else.

Listening Quiz
Listening is an art. Ears, auditory canals, ear drums and other miscellaneous support apparatus come as standard equipment on the basic human being. We have the first step down to a science -- we can hear. Are you a gifted listener? Let's take the quiz and find out if listen.

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
Do you know someone who is a dedicated list maker? What about someone who keeps everything no matter how worthless it might be. We all know someone who thinks he or she has the only "one true answer" to everything. Read our article on Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and take the quiz, it is our 8th article in the series on Personality disorders.

Emotional Maturity Test
Are you emotionally explosive? Do you have a friend who is an emotional volcano? Learn more about emotional maturity and how it affects your success in life, both socially and vocationally. Take the lest and learn just how cool you are.

Phobia Test
Do you or a loved one have a phobia? Phobias can limit your life and in some cases make you absolutely miserable. Learn more about this common disorder. Take our phobia test and learn some new words.

Avoidant Personality Disorder
Do you, or someone about whom you care, feel uncomfortable meeting new people, socializing with groups of people or being in unfamiliar situations? Perhaps, Avoidant Personality Disorder is the culprit, or Social Phobia or run of the mill shyness. If you are shy, tell us about your attempts to become more outgoing. What has worked for you? Your technique might help others feel more confident. We are waiting to hear from you.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder
We all know people who are so wrapped up in themselves they don't know we (or anyone else) exists. They believe they are immeasurably important in the scheme of things. They are mistaken. Learn more about these tiring folks and take our test. I bet you know one.

Histrionic Personality Disorder
Do you know someone who is vain, flamboyant and shallow? Perhaps you know a man or woman who could be diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder. Why not read our new, hot off the press, article and quiz and decide if you know someone who has a personality disorder or simply a cheerleader with an ostentatious flair.

Schizoid Personality Disorder
Do you know someone who enjoys solitude much more than spending time with friends and family? If the symptoms are severe, he or she may suffer from Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD). With the popularity of electronic games and computers, solitude loving individuals are becoming less scarce.

Paranoid Personality Disorder
If one belongs to the Mafia, paranoia is probably a healthy and perfectly defensible belief system. However, in the real world Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) creates doubt, distress and loneliness. You may know someone who injects distrust into every situation and encounter.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be a nightmare for the individuals who suffer from it and their family members, friends, lovers and co-workers. Correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment can make a great positive difference for the patient who must live with the upheaval and depths of this disorder. If you think you know someone with BPD take our quiz and learn more about the distressing symptoms.

Emotive Personality
Does your phone ring constantly? Do you spend much of your day answering and writing e-mails to your 100 best friends? Have you been told that you are compassionate, warmhearted and dazzling? Take our test and learn if you are one of the gentle folk who the rest of us appreciate more than you realize.

Almost everyone is shy in some situations. Actually, being shy can be quite charming. However, if you feel your life is limited by your discomfort in common social situations take our test and learn more about you and shyness. We have some helpful hints for you also.

Sexual Inhibitions
Do you feel cheated by life and love? Would you like to have more fun, be more spontaneous? Take our test and discover your inhibition level and how to improve it. Way to go!

Going Crazy?
People who suffer from panic attacks sometimes think they are going crazy. The good news is, they are not crazy or even slightly off kilter. If you have peculiar symptoms (shaking, dizzy, heart palpitations, damp palms, extreme anxiety) and believe you are dying of a heart attack or about to lose control, you may suffer from panic attacks.

Are You Real?
Learn to be your most genuine... to be the person you are, not the person others want you to be. How genuine are you? Take our personality test and find out.

Experience Seeker
We all enjoy excitement and the thrill of the chase. However, some of us live for the thrill. Are you one of those dashing folks? Take our test and find out if you are Indy or Delbert.

Are You a Sherlock Holmes?
Thinkers rule the world, fill our libraries and cannot begin to understand the rest of us. Take our test and determine if you are a Sherlock Holmes or Albert Einstein. Thinkers are awesome, no matter what the thrill seekers say.

Color Outside the Lines
Are you more creative than the average bear? Do you color the world with a huge box of crayons? Take our test and see if you are the coolest of the cool.

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