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Relationships are the most important part of our lives. Husbands, wives, sons, daughters, parents, siblings, friends and co-workers make our lives exciting, rewarding and just plain fun. Research tells us supportive relationships are healthy. Individuals with satisfying relationships live longer and enjoy life more. However, conflict and disharmony can lead us to feel sad and hopeless. The world is getting progressively more technical and complicated. The people we love are a safe harbor in a stormy, frequently confusing world.

Take our couples and other relationship quizzes and learn more about your relationships. We also offer hints on improving a good relationship, turning around a faltering relationship and, when necessary, walking away from an unhealthy relationship. We will continually update our quizzes and articles.

If you would like to see other articles or quizzes, Let us know--we listen.

Are You Ready to Move on to a New Relationship?
The best question is, "Are you ready to move on-- at all?" One of the most important considerations when you first take weary steps toward a new relationship is, Is your heart free to love again? It isn't easy to overcome the searing pain of a lost love.

Dream Date Quiz
Trying to be perfect can leave you feeling exhausted and lackluster and it may even make your face breakout. Why don't we just forget the "I must be Paris syndrome" and consider simply enjoying the date.

Sensuality Quotient
Are you fully using all of your senses to savor experiences -- especially love? Do you delight in the nuances of life? Do you take time to smell the roses, touch the petals and brood over the sting of the thorns?

Dating Psychopath
How many psychopaths do you know? Are you dating or married to one of them? If so, you really need to know with whom you are dealing. Take our test and discover if you are the victim of a psychopath - they don't have friends.

Are You Snow White or Have You Drifted?
Are you a hottie? Learn about your sensuality quotient. How sexy are you? Won't it be fun to find out? Take the test and enjoy your sexuality score.

Living with Narcissist?
Is your lover cool, charming and "oh so together?" You may have bagged HOTTIE or you may have a cold, calculating stranger. Look at our criteria and decide. Knowing the difference could be crucial.

Love at First Sight
Did you know it was true love when you looked into his or her eyes the very first time? Are you the ultimate romantic?

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Love Quizzes

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