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Are You a Sherlock Holmes?

Published on May 1, 2008

Are you a combination of both Sherlock Homes and Socrates? Are you the consummate thinker? If so, you are one of the talented individuals who keep our world turning by amassing and contributing to our collective knowledge. Cognitive Individuals must discover new ideas, ponder the mysteries of the universe (or how the DVD player works) and propagate data. They simply have no choice -- it is as necessary as Homer (the philosopher, not the cartoon character). Aristotle, Plato and Socrates were Cognitive Personalities. You are in fabulous company.

Are the Cognitive folks demonstrative? Not really. They live and thrive in their cognitive domain. One exclusively cognitive professional told me,
I am so busy concentrating on my own world, I don't have time to think about other people.
On the positive side, these socially naive individuals are extremely unlikely to gossip. You can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets and (1) they won't pay attention, (2) they won't remember, (3) they won't have anyone to tell. Please don't misunderstand me; they are not callous and unfeeling. Their fundamental cerebral focus is inward, not outward toward the rest of us.

Cognitive personalities are neither good nor bad-- they simply are. Does that mean that a CP won't face challenges inherent to this private type? No. For example, CPs will have communication impediments to overcome before they can bond with their more existential friends and family members. With a concentrated effort on both sides, communication difficulties can be overcome or, at least, minimized. Cognitive and Emotive (feeling) individuals are talking too entirely different languages. The language of emotion (or the lack thereof) is as difficult to understand as Latin or Swahili.

Let's find out if you are a consummate thinker.

1. Do you enjoy reading nonfiction?

2. Do you frequently begin your sentences with "What did you say?"

3. Have you been accused (frequently) of not paying attention to your significant other (and co-workers, family, friends)?

4. Have you been accused of being unemotional (snobbish, unruffled, distant)?

5. Are you an "expert" in at least one area?

6. Do you find it difficult to remember non-career related information?

7. Is your occupation science and or theory oriented?

8. Do you take pride in being rational and logical?

9. Are you proficient at creating options?

10. Do you have only one or two intimate friends?

11. Do you enjoy theoretical debates?

12. Do you steadfastly avoid emotional disagreements?

13. Are you energized by social events?

14. Are you more comfortable talking about your work than about any other subject?

15. Are you a perfectionist?

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