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Are You a Dream Date?

Published on February 12, 2010

Whenever I date a guy I wonder, "Is this the man I want my children to spend their weekends with." — Rita Rudner

Are you pulling out all of your winning ways when you go to dinner, a movie or --- you wild thing — a rock concert with a new hottie? Does that make you feel as if you are competing for best of the show at the Westminster Dog Show? Trying to be perfect can leave you feeling exhausted and lackluster and it may even make your face breakout. Why don't we just forget the "I must be Paris syndrome" and consider simply enjoying the date.

There are a few secrets that will help you to become a totally cool, dream date. Secret number one, if you have a great time, your companion dejour will firmly believe you are an incredibly fascinating and appealing person—well worth a second (or more) date.

Next secret, even if your hair goes limp, your date probably will not notice. Your appearance does not have to be absolute perfection, and truthfully it won't be perfection. Thank about this, if physical perfection was the one deciding variable in lifelong happiness how do you explain Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith? Your flaw, such as a lopsided smile or puffy lips might be what your date finds most alluring. Relax and accept.

Are you ready to find out if you are the dream date of the century? Let's take the test.

1. After you quiz him, will your date think you are interviewing him for the vice presidency?

2. Do you suggest devilishly enjoyable outings (an enlightening exhibit, scrumptious cuisine at a romantic French cafe, a thrillingly lethal play), rather than expecting your date to make all plans?

3. Does your relaxed, oh so laid back Barry Manilow mood allow your hottie to breathe easy.

4. Do you look for the humor in shoe leather prime rib, a panoramic view of the kitchen or even that highly hyped movie that turns out to be deadly dull?

5. Do you ask psychobabble questions such as, "If you were a cloud in what county would you float?"

6. Do you sprinkle genuine, heartfelt compliments (Your shirt is a great color.) throughout your evening together, without gushing?

7. Do you cleverly uncover enough about your date's interests to chat easily (which mercifully saves you from saying inane bits of fluff to avoid a deadly silence)?

8. Are you a good sport? Do you tough it out until the end while remaining cheerful; even if the date was a colossal misjudgment of epic proportions (it happens, my friend).

9. Do you keep your personal information light and positive (saving the dramatic, emotion laden stuff for your best-friend)?

10. Do you suggest taking a break from non-stop conversation by exercising your muscles (a walk, dancing or passionately cheering for your favorite team)?

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